Lindsay’s 2018 “Caring Hearts”

THANK YOU to Lindsay’s

2018 “Caring Hearts”  

You ARE making a difference!!


     Corporate Caring Hearts  

Moskowitz Bros. Inc  – Bridget & Bob Mahoney

Caring Hearts

Fran & Bob Gamble

Theodore Murphy

David and Priscilla Feeney

Natalie Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Baker

Teresa Romano

Drs. Michele and Dan Humbyrd

Jenna Morton-Aiken

Dr. Margaret Kozel

Carol and Ed Brock

Maureen Thibodeau

Sheila Verdi

Donna and John Wolcott

Pebbles and Christian Wadsworth

Lauren and Kevin Poirier

Ashley Weeks

Barbara and Ron Kimmerle

David and Gen Meegan

Phyllis and John Cullen

Elizabeth Reale

Virginia DiMattia

Chris and Ruth Burke

RI General Assembly Joint Charitable Committee

Ann & Chris Burke