2018 Winners High School Poster Contest

THANK YOU to the teachers whose students participated in this year’s contest.  Your dedication to educating students about dating violence is commendable!

K. Pallotta, East Providence HS
Rebecca Siddons, The Met School
David Planka, Pilgrim HS
Bruce Lenore, Smithfield HS
Linda Cornell, Exeter-W Greenwich HS
Carolyne Kellner, Providence Career
Janice Strain, North Kingstown HS
Christine Tavares, Tolman HS
Tim Almonte, Cranston HS East
Susan Guerard, Toll Gate HS
Jann Gartner-Rogers, Warwick Career
Stephanie Allard, Coventry HS
Paula Hogue, Mt St Charles Academy
William Connors, LaSalle Academy
Katie Mangano, East Greenwich HS
Maria Fontes, Mt Pleasant HS


Julia Steinweh-Adler, North Kingstown HS
Teacher:  Janice Strain


Gabriella Nieves, North Kingstown HS
Teacher:  Janice Strain


Domingo Pablo Gutierrez, Mt Pleasant HS
Teacher:  Maria Fontes


Anisah Rashid, Warwick Career & Tech HS
Teacher:  Jann Rogers-Gartner

Kiara Nieves, Tolman HS
Teacher:  Christine Tavares

MacKenzie DeSouza, North Kingstown HS
Teacher:  Janice Strain

Zoey Goodrow, Warwick C & T HS
Teacher:  Jann Rogers-Gartner

Vanessa DiMase, East Greenwich HS
Teacher:  Katie Mangano

Michela Colognese, North Kingstown HS
Teacher:  Janice Strain

Ariana D’Alessandro, LaSalle Academy
Teacher:  William Connors

Bridget Kegelman, LaSalle Academy
Teacher:  William Connors